Good Evening guys,
at first I want to introduce myself.
I´m a young woman, I´m living in Germany, at the moment I´m still at school but after my exams in the next weeks I´ll start working as a surgery assistent. I love playing my piano, meeting friends, shopping, cooking and of course talking about the HOLLYWOOD LIFE!!!
Today (it´s raining l) I sat at my house and thougth about starting a blog!
And how you can see... I did it
I think it´s not just about having my own blog, it´s more about making my dream come true. I´ve allways dreamed about having my own blog and taking about hollywood life and maybe other things with you all.
I hope you´ll enjoy it!
I would love to see you as my new follower or to get a nice comment of at the guestbook

Have a nice saturday evening and a good start into the new week on sunday morning.


21.3.15 23:51

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