Did Patrick cheat on Miley and what about Zayn and Perrie?

Hello Hello Sweeties

At today´s Rumor-Sunday I wanna talk with you about Miley and Patrick...
Do you think Patrick cheated on Miley... That would be sooooooo hard for our ´Wrecking-Ball-Star´.
We have seen him at springbreak flirting with girls, haging around with his Ex and having fun...without Miley
How sad is that... Or do you think they didn´t match at all?
Do you think ther´re relationship will be over soon?
Hopefully not!!!!

And what about Zayn and Perri?
I think Zayn didnt´t cheated on Perrie. It looked like that, because he holds a girl in his arms that´s pretty much not Perrie Edwards, but on his twitter he said "I love a girl named Perrie Edwars. And there´s a lot jealous +++ in this world I´m sorry for what it looks like".
That´s the reason why I think Zayn didn´t cheat on Perrie!
But what do you think about it???

Hope you had a good start into the new week, I had
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